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Kids need routine.  Schoolwork must be done. Your work must be done. We’re supposed to stay healthy. You know exercise and eat well. We need clothes to wear. Those last things require lots of things, shopping, cooking, drive-thru, dishes, and laundry. We do all the things while life continues to be different to say the least. All the things can undo you. I called a friend to sing “Happy Birthday” the other day. I couldn’t remember the tune. I sing that song six times a year to my immediate family… Read more from EVERYTHING to ONE THING

from FAIL to WIN

Kids are home. Few adults have the same workload they had weeks ago. Business is not as usual. We all feel it. If you have kids, your parenting has been impacted too. I feel stretched to my limits and maybe beyond them. I wish I could say we have been thriving at my house, but I’ve had more parent-fails than not. Friends. Let’s be honest. Parenting is hard. Things aren’t easier with the kids home, schedules changed, and social distancing. We’re wrapping up week five here. I’m just now getting… Read more from FAIL to WIN


Kids melt-down while shopping. You yell at the kids. Teenagers have temper tantrums. Everyone has bad moments. On days when the kids are home all day, some mornings are rough. The hardest part is you still have the rest of the day ahead. If nothing changes, a bad morning becomes a long bad day. One day like that, I tried something new. “We’ve had a bad morning, but we can still have a good day.” Soon after one of the kids prayed this prayer often. “Jesus, we didn’t have a… Read more from BAD MOMENT to GOOD DAY


When the boys were little, anxiety consumed me. My anxiety controlled us all.  A low-dose prescription and counselling helped, but they were simply tools that made space for me to do good work in my daily life.  I wanted it to be better, so I had to be intentional. I needed more space to learn how to respond and not react to life. My goal was to love well, not sin against those I loved out of my hurt. In my daily life, I eliminated anything that hindered my ability… Read more from BETTER to INTENTIONAL


I had coffee with a neighbor late last year. He’s a cartoonist and author. He’s a Pulitzer Prize winner. I told him how too often I quit before I really get started with my work. “We all do that,” he immediately replied. “Yeah,” I thought to myself. Sometimes we just need to be reminded. We quit, but we can start again. It’s the first of the year. You’ve got goals, dreams. Maybe not “resolutions,” but hopes. I say often to myself and the kids, “His mercies are new everyday.” But… Read more from QUIT to START AGAIN

I was supposed to…

Life has a way of re-writing our script. Kids get sick with no warning. Meetings are cancelled. Event schedules change, and we find ourselves saying, “I was supposed to…” My life for the past 20+ years as been filled with “I was supposed to…” I was supposed to be a geophysicist. I discontinued the program and began my journey into vocational ministry. I was supposed to graduate from seminary a single-woman and work on staff at a large church. I got married and never left town. I was supposed to… Read more I was supposed to…

“Different Families, Different Rules.”

Years ago, I heard a mom say, “Time to empty out.” Her son went to the bathroom without event. With those four-words, ended the whole “Go to the bathroom. But I don’t have to” battle. I explained one time, “Your bladder can hold A LOT of pee, it’s time to empty out.” Soon the older kids, we’re teaching the younger ones. “Different families, different rules,” are four-words that have changed our family life. With five kids, I say “no” a lot. Our kindergartener will still fall-out on the floor in… Read more “Different Families, Different Rules.”

Keep Playing.

“This game is hard,” declared my four-year-old. “It is,” I replied as he put more cherries back on his tree. One off. One back on. Only one left and then your bucket gets knocked over. It’s not easy filling your bucket in the game Hi-Ho-Cherry-O. Sometimes life is hard. Lately my “bucket” keeps getting knocked over. We have had several unexpected healthcare expenses. Sick visits. An ER visit. Four required well-visits. We are part of a health share, and it is a HUGE gift, but shared medical expenses must meet… Read more Keep Playing.